CRC 1316 Transient Atmospheric Plasmas: From Plasmas to Liquids To Solids

JSPS Core-to-core program

Abdulkadir Yayci visits Japanese colleagues

From October to December 2019, I was able to join the lab of Prof. Satoshi Hamaguchi at the Center for Atomic and Molecular Technologies in Osaka, Japan. My field of research is applied microbiology and my focus is on  biocatalytic reactions with non-thermal plasmas. Using numerical simulations, I studied the propagation of plasma-induced reactive species in liquids to gain an insight on the depth of penetration and concentration of these species. This knowledge will help to understand the interaction between plasmas and enzymes that are studied in project B8 of the CRC 1316, specifically to protect the enzymes from inactivation and to drive biocatalysis. The research stay in Japan was very helpful to depen my knowledge for my main research question.