CRC 1316 Transient Atmospheric Plasmas: From Plasmas to Liquids To Solids

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A7: Plasma catalysis for conversion of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Principal Investigators: I. Korolov, M. Muhler, P. Awakowicz


Awakowicz, Peter
(Principal Investigator)

Muhler, Martin
(Principal Investigator)

Oppotsch, Timothy

Korolov, Ihor
(Principal Investigator)

Böddecker, Alexander



During the second funding period of the CRC, the development of suitable catalysts and a detailed study of the underlying global reaction kinetics and transport of reactive species within the VOC conversion process will be explored. Scaled-up reactor concepts will be constructed and tested. In cooperation with other projects customized electrodes and voltage waveform tailoring will be used with the goal of improving the plasma-catalyst interaction and gaining insight into the specific reaction mechanisms involved.



  • Lars Schücke, PhD thesis - 07/2022
    Analysis of Reaction Kinetics in a Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge for the Conversion of Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Niklas Peters, PhD thesis - 09/2021
    Plasma catalysis for conversion of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Christian Oberste-Beulmann, Bachelor thesis - 07/2018
    Entwicklung einer Methode zur Beschichtung von Plattenelektroden mit heterogenen Katalysatoren für die oxidative Plasmakatalyse
  • Kevin Ollegott, PhD thesis - 01/2020
    Plasma-assisted removal of oxygen traces from coke oven gas using a twin-surface dielectric barrier discharge
  • Philipp Wirth, PhD thesis - 12/2021
    Plasma Catalysis in DBDs
  • Jens Kallähn, Bachelor thesis - 01/2020
    Entwurf einer Messstrecke zur optischen Absorptionsspektroskopie von Ozon an einer dielektrischen Oberflächenentladung
  • Jan-Luca Gembus, Bachelor thesis - 09/2019
    Untersuchung der Konversion von flüchtigen Kohlenwasserstoffen in einer dielektrischen Oberflächenentladung
  • Christian Oberste-Beulmann, Master thesis - 12/2020
    Investigations on Plasma-catalytic Removal of Oxygen Traces from Hydrogen-rich Gas Mixtures
  • Katja Wenselau, Bachelor thesis - 12/2021
    Untersuchung des Strömungsfeldes einer beidseitigen dielektrisch behinderten Oberflächenentladung für die Abluftreinigung
  • Anna Lena Schöne, Master thesis - 03/2022
    Gas Flow Effects in Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharges
  • Thimothy Oppotsch, PhD thesis - ongoing
  • Arisa Bodnar, Bachelor thesis - 01/2022
    Investigation of a twin surface dielectric barrier discharge for the decomposition of polluted air streams
  • Amr Ghanoum, Bachelor thesis - 03/2022
    Reduktion des Sauerstoffgehaltes abgeschiedener Gasseparations-Membranen unter Verwendung von Hexamethyldisilazan als Präkursor eines PE-CVD Prozesses
  • Dominik Filla, Bachelor thesis - 10/2022
    Untersuchung der Homogenität einer Mikrowellen-PE-CVD Entladung
  • Maximilian Ryppa, Bachelor thesis - 03/2023
    Investigation of reactive species densities in a twin surface dielectric barrier discharge with absorption spectroscopy
  • Alexander Böddecker, PhD thesis - ongoing
    Plasma catalysis for conversion of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Tim Bolles, Master thesis - 04/2024
    Modeling and Simulation of Technological Plasmas with External Circuits

Further reading

  • Oxygen-Plasma-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes as Supports for Platinum-Ruthenium Catalysts Applied in Electrochemical Methanol Oxidation,
    R. Chetty, K. K. Maniam, W. Schuhmann, and M. Muhler,
    ChemPlusChem 80, 130-135 (2015)

Project presentation video