CRC 1316 Transient Atmospheric Plasmas: From Plasmas to Liquids To Solids

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A6: Pulsed plasma interaction with catalytic surfaces within micro-structured array devices

Principal Investigators: J. Golda, M. Böke, V. Schulz-von der Gathen


Schulz-von der Gathen, Volker
(Principal Investigator)

Böke, Marc
(Principal Investigator)

Steuer, David

van Impel, Henrik

Golda, Judith
(Principal Investigator)



A metal-based microcavity array discharge enclosed by quartz dielectrics forms an in-plasma-catalyst reactor. These devices allow to integrate dielectric, catalytic surfaces as the cavity bottom. The plasma parameters as well as the distribution of the discharges inside and above the cavities are strongly dependent on external parameters such as cavity dimension, pressure and voltage. The project investigates the influence of the plasma conditions on the catalytic processes by observing the volume close to the catalyst following the gas flow. Especially the role of charged species is investigated by phase- and space-resolved diagnostics. Ex-situ measurements of the catalytic surfaces round off the experiments.



  • Sebastian Dzikowski, PhD thesis - ongoing
    Pulsed plasma interaction with catalytic surfaces within micro-structured array devices
  • Marc Leimkühler, Master thesis - 11/2018
    Generation of Metastables by kHz-driven Microplasma Arrays Devices
  • Simon Kreuznacht, Master thesis - 09/2019
    High resolution investigation of a microplasma channel
  • Till Marth, Bachelor thesis - 12/2019
    Non-invasive determination of the gas temperature by Rayleigh scattering
  • Martha Finke, Bachelor thesis - 09/2022
    Absorption Measurements of Plasma-Produced Ozone
  • Henrik van Impel, Bachelor thesis - 09/2021
    Diagnostik von atomarem Sauerstoff in einem Micro-Cavity-Plasmareaktor
  • Robin Labenski, Master thesis - 09/2023
    Laser-Induced Manipulation of Charges in an Atmospheric Pressure Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge
  • Henrik van Impel, Master thesis - 09/2023
    Analysis of the electric field in a micro-scaled dielectric barrier discharge
  • Michael Roloff, Bachelor thesis - ongoing
  • Oliver Krettek, Master thesis - ongoing

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