CRC 1316 Transient Atmospheric Plasmas: From Plasmas to Liquids To Solids

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A4: Process control in micro atmospheric pressure RF plasma jets by voltage waveform tailoring and customised boundary surfaces

Principal Investigators: J. Schulze, T. Mussenbrock


Mussenbrock, Thomas
(Principal Investigator)

Schulze, Julian
(Principal Investigator)

Bischoff, Lena

Vass, Mate



Based on experiments and simulations, the species transport in the COST reference plasma jet will be studied from the gas inlet through the active plasma region into the effluent in the presence of Voltage Waveform Tailoring (VWT) and customised boundary surfaces (materials + topology). The buildup of different neutral species along the direction of the gas flow will be quantified and understood as a basis for advanced plasma source design. Moreover, the plasma jet design will be modified by introducing a mesh into one of the electrodes and closing the original nozzle to make use of the unique features of VWT and structured electrodes to enhance the flux of selected neutral species into the effluent through the gridded electrode. Finally, the unique potential of VWT to tailor the Electron Energy Probability Function (EEPF) in combination with the new plasma source design will be used to enhance the synthesis of NH3 via cold non-equilibrium plasma catalysis by selectively exciting and dissociating nitrogen by electron impact.



  • Lena Bischoff, Bachelor thesis - 08/2018
    Optische Emissionsspektroskopie an einem RF kapaazitiv gekoppelten AP Plasma Jet unter Variation der Sauerstoffbeimischung
  • Gerrit Hübner, Bachelor thesis - 08/2018
    Optische Emissionsspektroskopie an einem RF kapaazitiv gekoppelten AP Plasma Jet unter Variation der Stickstoffbeimischung
  • Lena Bischoff, Master thesis - 03/2021
    Investigation of the effects of customized electrodes on capacitively coupled radio frequency microplasma jets using emission spectroscopy and laser d
  • Mate Vass, PhD thesis - ongoing
  • David Schulenberg, PhD thesis - ongoing
  • Bernhard Rogg, Bachelor thesis - 01/2022
    Numerical simulation of plasma fluid flow in the exit channel of a COST micro atmospheric pressure plasma jet
  • Stefan Rohr, Bachelor thesis - 04/2022
    Ortsaufgelöste Charakterisierung eines sammetrischen, kapazitiven gekoppelten Plasmas mittels Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Constantin Neuroth, Bachelor thesis - 09/2022
    Study of the effects of metal catalyst loading and conductivity on plasma dynamics in a patterned dielectric barrier discharge
  • Ahmad Al Hamdan, Bachelor thesis - 03/2023
    Study of VOC removal in a patterned dielectric barrier discharge
  • Lukas Leonhard Vogelhuber, Master thesis - 05/2023
    Modellierung und Simulation von Transportprozessen im Hochfrequenz-Mikro-Atmosphärendruck-Plasmajet
  • Samuel Jonas Giesekus, Master thesis - 05/2024
    Ion energy control by Voltage Waveform Tailoring in inductively coupled plasmas with substrate bias
  • Tim Bolles, Master thesis - 04/2024
    Modeling and Simulation of Technological Plasmas with External Circuits
  • Jeldrik Klotz, Bachelor thesis - ongoing
    Characterisation of a COST-Plasmajet with open trenches in the electrodes

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