Abschlussarbeiten des CRC 1316

Laufende Arbeiten

  • (A3) Theresa Urbanietz (PhD thesis)
    Plasma Catalysis during Conversion of Methane/Oxygen/Hydrogen Gas Mixtures
  • (A3) Steijn Vervloedt (PhD thesis)
  • (A3) Siqi Yu (PhD thesis)
  • (A3) Fatma-Nur Seferoglu (PhD thesis)
  • (A4) Mate Vass (PhD thesis)
  • (A4) David Schulenberg (PhD thesis)
  • (A6) Sascha Chur (PhD thesis)
  • (A7) Thimothy Oppotsch (PhD thesis)
  • (A8) Maximilian Klich (PhD thesis)
    Modellierung und Simulation von Atmosphärendruckplasmen
  • (A9) Youfan He (PhD thesis)
    A kinetic chemistry model for atmospheric pressure plasmas
  • (B4) Simon Homann (PhD thesis)
  • (B5) Florens Grimm (PhD thesis)
    Simulation of plasma-chemical kinetics in microdischarges formed in bubbles during plasma electrolysis
  • (B7) Katharina Grosse (PostDoc)
  • (B7) Pia-Victoria Pottkämper (PhD thesis)
  • (B11) Steffen Schüttler (PhD thesis)
    Energy transport in atmospheric pressure plasmas interacting with fluids
  • (B11) Anna Lena Schöne (PhD thesis)
    Simulation of plasma and liquid chemistry for applications in biocatalysis
  • (B12) Lukas Forschner (PhD thesis)

Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

  • (A2) Jan Kuhfeld (PhD thesis)
    Ro-vibrational distribution measurement in transient discharges by coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering
  • (A3) Christoph Stewig (PhD thesis)
    Excitation transfer between molecules in transient atmospheric pressure plasmas and its impact on plasma chemistry
  • (A3) Daniel Henze (Bachelor thesis)
    Measurement of carbon monoxide production in atmospheric pressure plasmas
  • (A5) Ryan Thomas Nguyen-Smith (PhD thesis)
    From ns- to ms-pulses – influence of voltage characteristics on surface barrier discharges
  • (A6) Sebastian Dzikowski (PhD thesis)
    Pulsed plasma interaction with catalytic surfaces within micro-structured array devices
  • (A6) Martha Finke (Bachelor thesis)
    Absorption Measurements of Plasma-Produced Ozone
  • (A7) Lars Schücke (PhD thesis)
    Analysis of Reaction Kinetics in a Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge for the Conversion of Volatile Organic Compounds
  • (A7) Anna Lena Schöne (Master thesis)
    Gas Flow Effects in Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharges
  • (B2) Patrick Preissing (PhD thesis)
    Self-organisation of sub-micrometer surface structures stimulated by microplasma generated reactive species and short-pulsed laser irradiation
  • (B2) Lennart Kulik (Bachelor thesis)
    Influence of plasma treatment on laser-induced surface structures
  • (B5) Vera Bracht (PhD thesis)
    Characterisation of Single Microdischarges during Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of Aluminium
  • (B7) Fatma-Nur Seferoglu (Master thesis)
    Optical analysis of microsecond pulsed plasmas in liquids
  • (B8) Tim Dirks (PhD thesis)
  • (B8) Denise Rittmann (Bachelor thesis)
    Undisclosed title
  • (B11) Océane Michels (Bachelor thesis)
    Undisclosed title
  • (B12) Tobias Schmider (Master thesis)
    Influence of high voltage electrolysis on single crystal electrodes

  • (A3) Boris Daniil (Bachelor thesis)
    Simulation der Nachweisempfindlichkeit eines Atmosphärendruck-Massenspektrometers
  • (A4) Lena Bischoff (Master thesis)
    Investigation of the effects of customized electrodes on capacitively coupled radio frequency microplasma jets using emission spectroscopy and laser d
  • (A6) Henrik van Impel (Bachelor thesis)
    Diagnostik von atomarem Sauerstoff in einem Micro-Cavity-Plasmareaktor
  • (A7) Niklas Peters (PhD thesis)
    Plasma catalysis for conversion of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • (A7) Philipp Wirth (PhD thesis)
    Plasma Catalysis in DBDs
  • (A7) Niklas Friedrichs (Bachelor thesis)
    Untersuchung der Sauerstoffradikaldichten einer dielektrischen Oberflächenentladung
  • (A7) Arisa Bodnar (Bachelor thesis)
    Investigation of a Twin Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge for the Decomposition of Polluted Air Streams
  • (A7) Katja Wenselau (Bachelor thesis)
    Untersuchung des Strömungsfeldes einer beidseitigen dielektrisch behinderten Oberflächenentladung für die Abluftreinigung
  • (A8) Natalia Lupyna (Bachelor thesis)
    Analyse von Feld- und Potentialverteilungen im Plasma-Jet
  • (A8) Maximilian Klich (Master thesis)
    Ion dynamics in capacitively coupled argon-xenon discharge
  • (B2) Robin Labenski (Bachelor thesis)
    Konditionierung von metallischen Schichten durch Laser- und Plasmawechselwirkung
  • (B7) Katharina Grosse (PhD thesis)
    Discharge ignition, dynamics and chemistry of nanosecond pulsed plasmas in water
  • (B7) Elia Jüngling (Bachelor thesis)
    Propagation of streamers in nanosecond plasmas in water
  • (B7) Marina Falke (Bachelor thesis)
    Comparison of nanosecond pulsed discharges in water for different pulse polarities
  • (B11) Emanuel Jeß (Bachelor thesis)
    Diagnostics of plasma-produced hydrogen peroxide in liquids

  • (A5) Lukas Bielzer (Bachelor thesis)
    Optische Emissions Spektroskopie von Nanosekunden gepulsten Oberflächen behinderten Entladungen
  • (A7) Kevin Ollegott (PhD thesis)
    Plasma-assisted removal of oxygen traces from coke oven gas using a twin-surface dielectric barrier discharge
  • (A7) Jens Kallähn (Bachelor thesis)
    Entwurf einer Messstrecke zur optischen Absorptionsspektroskopie von Ozon an einer dielektrischen Oberflächenentladung
  • (A7) Christian Oberste-Beulmann (Master thesis)
    Investigations on Plasma-catalytic Removal of Oxygen Traces from Hydrogen-rich Gas Mixtures
  • (A8) Tim Bolles (Bachelor thesis)
    Validierung des Smooth Step Models für ein Plasma mit zwei Ionenspezies mittels Particle-In-Cell Simulation
  • (A8) Lukas Vogelhuber (Bachelor thesis)
    Elektronen- und Ionenverteilungsfunktionen an der Grenzfläche von kapazitiven Ein- und Zweifrequenz-Entladungen
  • (A8) Fabian Verdaguer (Bachelor thesis)
    Untersuchung durch unterschiedliche Spannungsformen erzeugter Hochfrequenzplasmen
  • (B2) David Steuer (Master thesis)
    Comparative Investigation of Two-Dimensional Oxygen Distributions in Microplasmas by Optical Methods
  • (B5) Patrick Herrmanns (PhD thesis)
    Charakterisierung und Prozessoptimierung industriell relevanter Mikroplasmen: Von der Beschichtungstechnik bis zur Mikrosensorik
  • (B5) Simon Böddeker (Master thesis)
    Elektrische Messtechnik und statistische Prozessdiagnostik an einem PEO-Beschichtungsprozess
  • (B8) Yayci Abdulkadir (PhD thesis)
    Plasma-driven biocatalysis
  • (B8) Freya Jockenhövel (Bachelor thesis)
    The chaperedoxin CnoX and its plasma-induced activation
  • (B8) Ivan Bobkov (Bachelor thesis)
    Effects of pre-adaptation and mutagenesis on the susceptibility of Escherichia coli to cold atmospheric plasma

  • (A2) Jutta Püttmann (Bachelor thesis)
    Electric Field Measurementsvia EFISH in a CARS Setup
  • (A5) Florian Beckfeld (Bachelor thesis)
    Measurement of high voltage signals and evaluation of different probing methods on a surface dielectric barrier discharg
  • (A6) Simon Kreuznacht (Master thesis)
    High resolution investigation of a microplasma channel
  • (A6) Till Marth (Bachelor thesis)
    Non-invasive determination of the gas temperature by Rayleigh scattering
  • (A7) Jan-Luca Gembus (Bachelor thesis)
    Untersuchung der Konversion von flüchtigen Kohlenwasserstoffen in einer dielektrischen Oberflächenentladung
  • (A8) Laura Kroll (Master thesis)
    Modellierung und Simulation von Transportprozessen im Plasma-Jet
  • (A9) Youfan He (Master thesis)
    Zero-dimensional numerical simulations of low-pressure inductive discharges and atmospheric-pressure plasma jets
  • (B2) Alexander Böddecker (Master thesis)
    Comparison of Atomic Oxygen Densities in a Coplanar Plasma Jet with ns or RF Excitation
  • (B5) Anna Lena Schöne (Bachelor thesis)
    Optische und elektrische Messtechnik an einem Einzelentladungsaufbau zur plasmaelektrolytischen Oxidation
  • (B7) Chaiyasit Nenbangkaeo (Bachelor thesis)
    Analysis of hydrogen peroxide production in nanosecond pulsed discharges in water
  • (B7) Thorben Holländer (Bachelor thesis)
    Determination of the OH concentration in plasma treated liquids
  • (B7) Fatma-Nur Seferoglu (Bachelor thesis)
    Surface modification of a copper substrate through the reaction chemistry generated by pulsed plasmas in water
  • (B8) Sabrina Klopsch (Bachelor thesis)
    Undisclosed title
  • (B8) Tim Dirks (Master thesis)
    Untersuchung der plasma-induzierten Aktivierung von Hsp33 aus Escherichia coli
  • (B8) Marco Krewing (PhD thesis)
    Impact of low-temperature plasmas on microorganisms and biomolecules

  • (A3) Steffen Schüttler (Bachelor thesis)
    Plasma Catalysis of CO2 Reduction
  • (A3) Thilo Romba (Bachelor thesis)
    Plasma Conversion of CH4 O2 Mixtures
  • (A4) Lena Bischoff (Bachelor thesis)
    Optische Emissionsspektroskopie an einem RF kapaazitiv gekoppelten AP Plasma Jet unter Variation der Sauerstoffbeimischung
  • (A4) Gerrit Hübner (Bachelor thesis)
    Optische Emissionsspektroskopie an einem RF kapaazitiv gekoppelten AP Plasma Jet unter Variation der Stickstoffbeimischung
  • (A6) Marc Leimkühler (Master thesis)
    Generation of Metastables by kHz-driven Microplasma Arrays Devices
  • (A7) Christian Oberste-Beulmann (Bachelor thesis)
    Entwicklung einer Methode zur Beschichtung von Plattenelektroden mit heterogenen Katalysatoren für die oxidative Plasmakatalyse
  • (A8) Kai-Philipp Enneking (Master thesis)
    Untersuchung einer planaren kapazitiven HF-Entladung mit Hilfe des Smooth step Models
  • (A9) Sebastian Wilczek (PhD thesis)
    A kinetic chemistry model for atmospheric pressure plasmas
  • (A9) Ryan Thomas Nguyen-Smith (Master thesis)
    Comparison of spatially resolved ozone absorption spectroscopy with zero dimensional simulations
  • (B2) David Steuer (Bachelor thesis)
    Reproducibility of density and temperature profiles in the COST-Microplasmajet
  • (B2) Alexander Knodel (Master thesis)
    Studies on microplasmajet-discharges with N2/O2 admixtures in front of surfaces
  • (B7) Maike Kai (Bachelor thesis)
    Optical Analysis of a Nanosecond Plasma Inside Liquids
  • (B8) Cindy Juric (Bachelor thesis)
    Identification of peroxidases in environmental samples for plasma-driven biocatalysis
  • (B8) Tristan Hoffmann (Bachelor thesis)
    Plasma stability of the copper-zinc superoxide dismutase of Escherichia coli
  • (B8) Nathalie Gibas (Master thesis)
    Identification and characterisation of peroxidases for plasma-driven biocatalysis

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